Monday, January 14, 2013

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Change is only constant and continuous change is inevitable,... even so in how we communicate and relate to each other online.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

What is Toastmasters?

What is the difference between animals & human.

It is Education.

Animals also have their kind of education, like the mother animal teaches her offspring how to earn the food.
But human has a far smart higher education.
Human has records, documentation, history.
So we can know what had happened in long long ago, and we can learn techniques which was got after several researches, with the help of our records, our documentation and our education system.
Toastmasters is one of the education system to make people to become a efficient communicator, a successful leader and finally to become a smart business man.
But the teaching method of Toastmasters is not a traditional or conventional way. Its method is learning by doing. (like bicycling or swimming). Its motto is "Practice Practice Practice".
Practice makes perfect.
After a lot of repeating, a lot of preparation, a lot of doing projects, a Toastmasters member become a competent communicator and a competent leader.

Zaw Lin Myat CC
Buona Vista Toastmasters Club

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buona Vista Toastmasters Club Speechcraft Workshop 2011

According to employers, the ability to communicate competently with others and get along with people of different personalities are two of the most desirable qualities in job candidates. The ability to organize thoughts and ideas effectively is also highly sought after.

Can you express as creatively as your ideas are?
Can you persuasively present your proposals?
Can you effectively lead your team and earn their respect?

This intensive workshop exposes you to the internationally-acclaimed Toastmasters programme where you will learn from experienced speakers.

4-day Hands-On Experience
26 Nov (Sat), 2pm-5pm
01 Dec (Thurs), 7.30pm-10pm
10 Dec (Sat), 2pm-5pm
17 Dec (Sat), 2pm-5pm

Venue: Buona Vista Community Club conference room.

Registration fee at $72 - which works out to be only $18 per session of hands-on speech training.

Register now at Buona Vista CC.
Enjoy $12 discount when you sign up with PA card or with a friend or before 12 November 2011

If you have any enquiry, feel free to email us

Monday, August 1, 2011

TI Announcement of Membership Dues Increase wef 1/10/11‏

Dear Friends,

You are in our thoughts.

“On October 1 2011, Toastmasters International membership dues will increase from USD $4.50 to USD $6.”
- Summary of impact of Toastmasters International Membership Dues sanctioned by 2010-2011 International President and DTM Pat Johnson and Executive Director Daniel Rex.

As we know the importance of having a good quality education at affordable prices for the masses, we have decided not to follow the practice of other clubs in increasing the amount of membership dues collected.

We will be defraying the increase of USD $1.50 per month with the prudent surplus that our predecessors have painstakingly accumulated since club inception days. This arrangement will last until the end of our current Executive Committee term 2011-2012.

This means that a yearly club subscription in our Buona Vista Toastmasters Club will remain at an affordable S$156 until June 2012. That works out to S$13 per month, a wonderful opportunity for non-members to join us and experience the Toastmasters programme before paying more in future.

We urge members to help us in every way to ensure the continuity of a lean and cost effective club by reducing waste and volunteering your expertise when the club needs help.

Warmest Regards,
Ronald Sim
Executive Committee 2011-2012

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Journey in Public Speaking

You have a voice that deserves to be heard.

Unlike most Toastmasters, I did not find my voice while in Toastmasters but much earlier in life.

Just like every maiden attempt in public speaking, mine was a disaster. I stood in class one afternoon setting up my presentation material as all eyes gazed upon me. I was both nervous and excited to share my team's research on Tornados but was literally sweating and jerking involuntarily throughout the presentation. My face was flushing as I answered questions from my enthusiastic classmates. At the end of the presentation, I placed a piece of dry ice into the container and turned on the motor; the mini Tornado instantly became the limelight of the presentation. I was relieved.

Subsequently, several more attempts at presentation in secondary school did not improve my public speaking skills.

I only discovered my voice much later when I was forced to speak out during my stint as a door-to-door salesperson right after finishing my 'O' Level exams. I didn't think it was the right job after my first day but it struck me that I couldn't get hired at all the other interviews because I was inexperienced and failed to speak up. With some encouragement from a friend of mine, we decided to stick with the job and move beyond our comfort zones. We learnt from some of the best sales people, the sort that could sell you a brick. But no amount of tutorship can compensate practice as we diligently talked to hundreds of prospects each day for almost half a year.

Eventually, when I entered polytechnic, preparing and delivering presentations became an activity I would look forward to. In fact, I was offered several leadership opportunities partly because of my public speaking ability.

Eloquence was not a gift but a matter of practice and Toastmasters serve as a means to continue honing my public speaking skills outside of work. Today, I continue to challenge myself by speaking in front of larger audiences such as the first local TEDx conference and most recently the district level contest in speech evaluation.

I can't imagine what a different life it could have been if I hadn't had my short stint in sales. The ability to speak my mind and converse in a myriad of social situations has continued to open many doors for me.

Being part of the Toastmaster movement for the past 2 years, I have witnessed that members who have persisted in overcoming their speech barriers, finding renewed strength with every delivery. I hope more doors will open for you just as it did for me as you get better with public speaking. Cheers.


Daylon Soh is an aspiring entrepreneur and continues to speak about subjects such as creativity, personal development and marketing whenever the opportunity arises. You may find out more about his work on his website,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

BVTMC Speechcraft Workshop 2011 - Effective Speaking & Evaluation

BVTMC Speechcraft Workshop 2011 Effective Speaking & Evaluation

19 March (SAT) 1.30pm5.30pm

26 March (SAT) 1.30pm5.30pm

Venue : Buona Vista Community Club
Block 36 Holland Drive Singapore 270036

Register with Buona Vista Community Club or e-mail for more information.